Welcome to the 2019 Sexual Assault Kit Initiative Assembly of Cities, a conference devoted to improving the community’s response to sexual violence.  From November 13- 15, 2019, over 300 judges, investigators, detectives, prosecutors, advocates, forensic nurses, and scientists from across the nation will gather at the Hyatt Regency Jacksonville Riverfront Conference Center for training in the latest DNA advances, cold case protocols and inter-agency networking.

This year’s Assembly of Cities Conference will focus on DNA Timeless Evidence.  As advances in DNA technology and research have provided law enforcement with new tools coupled with the Sexual Assault Kit Initiative, police and prosecutors are better able to seek justice for victims even in decades old offenses. The City of Jacksonville’s SAKI would like to invite law enforcement, prosecutors, victim advocates, community members, medical professionals, and all those seeking to improve the response to sexual assault through innovative multi-disciplinary means to this year’s Assembly.  By hosting this year’s conference, Jacksonville hopes to introduce our approach and contribute to the great strides that have been made across the community in detecting offenders, analyzing evidence, and prosecuting these offenders for their crimes.  In doing so, we show the public and our victims that they are not forgotten.

Our conference will provide three days of comprehensive presentations and sessions which will cover topics from genetic genealogy, lawfully owed DNA, cold case investigation, and media concerns.  We are also happy to have various notable speakers to provide their personal stories of victimhood and seeking justice:

          Yvonne Pointer, DNA Timeless Evidence, Behind the Death of a Child

          Kristen Gibbons-Feden, Commonwealth v. Cosby, Prosecuting Bill Cosby.

State Attorney Melissa Nelson, along with Sheriff Mike Williams, are pleased to provide this opportunity for world class training here in Jacksonville. Hosting this conference will build on this accomplishment and uphold our commitment to providing justice to victims and holding perpetrators accountable.

Register has now closed for this conference.

This training has been approved for Medical Professionals to receive 12.5 hours of Continuing Education with 2 hours specifically focused on Human Trafficking.